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Metal bellows coupling
Short and good



Valves, Pipes & Fittings
Eisele Short and good
Picture: Eisele

The coupling series KP with 4-corrugated bellows and two radial clamping hubs, is a version with shorter overall length in the Jakob metal bellows coupling range. This makes it particularly suitable for applications with minimal shaft spacing and limited installation conditions. In addition, the very high torsional rigidity values ​​and the easy-to-install clamping hub design are worth mentioning. A low moment of inertia and good values ​​for the permissible shaft misalignments and restoring forces complete the positive picture.

The multi-layer, made of certified stainless steel, metal bellows is characterized on the one hand by its high torsional rigidity and on the other by the compensation of axial, radial and lateral shaft offsets. Due to the shortened design and the resulting weight savings, there are other advantages such as lower moments of inertia.

The clamping hub is made of high-strength aluminum to achieve the lowest possible moment of inertia. The hubs are equipped with the innovative and service-friendly Easy-Clamp-System. It guarantees a simple, with enough fitting tolerance provided postponement. A single, radially accessible screw per hub provides the for torque transmission necessary preload force. Thanks to this simple, but very reliable connection, the couplings can be mounted in just a few easy steps, even in difficult installation conditions. The bellows-hub connection is made by the optimal and backlash-free brass-wire press-fit method. In contrast to adhesive joints, this joining process is absolutely unlimited for critical operating conditions (-40 ° C to + 200 ° C, chemicals) and the transmission torque of each individual bellows layer is safely introduced into the hub.

The KP series is available for nominal torques from 25 to 900 Nm with bore diameters from 10 to 75 mm.

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Measuring the Density Factor
How to operate Flowave



Measuring the Density Factor: How to operate FLOWave Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Using the patented SAW technology the new Flowave flowmeters need no sensor elements in the measuring tube. So they provide reliable results even in challenging hygienic applications.

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Valves, Pipes & Fittings

New, versatile and sophisticated
Pneumatic swivel actuator for automating



bar pneumatische Steuerungssysteme New, versatile and sophisticated – pneumatic swivel actuator for automating valves
Picture: Bar pneumatische Steuerungssysteme

With 40 years of experience in automation, we factor in the current requirements of the valve market and, with the bar-agturn, have developed a new pneumatic swivel actuator. With its special design and great versatility in its technical properties, we meet the demands of plant designers, builders and users. In doing so, we cover the full spectrum of torques and swivel angles for shut-off device automation with 18 different sizes at torques from 2 to 13,040 Nm. The actuators also cover a wide range of application options thanks to actuator versions with different swivel angles.

The focus in terms of appearance and function is on quality and safety

The high-grade powder-coated covers and housing coating made of hard anodised aluminium enable use even under aggressive environmental conditions. Precisely cut piston teeth ensure smoother running, optimal torque and low wear. Important information is clearly marked for the user and is indelibly laser-engraved on the actuator housing. The flange patterns and air connections are marked this way to ensure unmistakable allocation. The serial number, which the manufacturer can use to track the actuator at any time, is also laser-engraved. The use of the same covers for single and double-acting actuators enables conversion from single to double-acting versions (or vice-versa) without having to replace the caps.

Variable selection of conventional accessories

The standardised VDI/VDE 3845 interface allows all positioners and end switch boxes widely available on the market to be attached. The position indicator is already part of the product and equipped with variable clips to display the valve position, thus reducing costs for the user. The high-profile solenoid valve interface is in an easily reachable location and optimised for the attachment of pilot valves. Another benefit of this positioning is that it does not interfere with the valve flange.

Well-conceived details simplify the attachment of valves

In most cases, two ISO flange patterns are available for each size of actuator for flexible automation of valves. The pinion, with its octagonal connection, adapts a parallel or diagonal operating shaft orientation for the valve and ensures space-saving actuator installation. The end-position adjustment for precise valve positioning is easily reachable on the opposing side of the solenoid valve connection and simplifies the process. Optimal valve adjustment is achieved by setting the end positions in the 0° and 90° position from +5° to -5°.

Consistent spring values for simple actuator configuration

The safety springs are designed for a homogeneous relationship between pneumatic force and spring load and are easy to install and remove safely. A defined number of springs is assigned to each control pressure and simplifies actuator selection via the torques. We make it especially easy to select actuator configuration through the use of comparative tables.

Customer support for the all-round carefree package

Customers receive assistance from specialists at bar GmbH at any time during the planning and commissioning of a process plant. Technicians from Design and Technical Support are the contacts, starting from an analysis of the requirements for the shut-off devices, classification of the medium to installation and operating conditions. The selection of the suitable parts and components as well as the adjustment of the automated valve leads to highly individual, customer-specific system solutions which are tailored to the plant conditions at hand.

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Valves, Pipes & Fittings

Coupling solutions
Brevity is the soul of wit



Jakob Antriebstechnik Brevity is the soul of wit
Picture: Jakob Antriebstechnik

With the new compact KGE metal bellows coupling, a tailor-made solution was developed for all gearboxes with drive flange. This system unit impresses above all by its super-short design with maximum utilization of the rigidity of the transmission. This allows the customer a very compact machine design as well as extremely short positioning times.

In addition to the KGE series, Jakob Antriebstechnik offers perfectly matched coupling solutions for all current gear unit series – from metal bellows couplings and flange couplings to torsionally rigid safety couplings.

By means of a modern micro-plasma welding process, reliable and permanent connections between metal bellows and stainless steel or steel hubs with reproducible quality are created. The welded connection meets the highest requirements, especially with regard to absolute backlash, high concentricity and maximum torsional rigidity.

In contrast to adhesive joints, it is absolutely and indefinitely fatigue-resistant even under critical operating conditions (-50 to + 300 ° C, chemicals).

  • for standardized flange connection DIN – EN – ISO 9409 – 1
  • two-piece connection flange
  • compact dimensions
  • robust all-metal design
  • on the output side with easy-to-mount EASY clamping hub
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