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Suspensions, emulsions, powders and bulk solids
Fast analysis of particle shape and size



Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer for dry measurement of powders and bulk solids. (Picture: Fritsch)
Particle Sizer Analysette 28 ImageSizer for dry measurement of powders and bulk solids. (Picture: Fritsch)

The Fritsch Analysette 28 ImageSizer for dry and wet measurement is the ideal Particle Sizer for all applications that require accurate and reproducible measuring results for both particle shape and size. The optical process of Dynamic Image Analysis provides results for a wide measuring range, delivers multiple shape parameters and evaluation possibilities for particle size. The measuring time depending on the sample quantity, is under 5 minutes. And the result is available immediately.

Your advantage: Great flexibility for different measurement tasks for particle sizes of 20 µm – 20 mm in quality control, research and laboratory – and is a very easy and cost-effective alternative to sieving.

Easy wet measurement of suspensions and emulsions

The Analysette 28 ImageSizer is in combination with the corresponding wet dispersion unit ideal for measurement of particle shape and size of suspensions and emulsions.

Wet dispersion is particularly suitable for fine particles, poorly flowing, fine-agglomerating or sticky materials, which do not react in water or other liquids.

Your advantages

  • Extra wide measuring range of 20 μm – 2.8 mm
  • Strong, freely adjustable ultrasonic power for deagglomeration
  • Extremely quiet dispersion with strong pumping power
  • Benzine, alcohol and many organic solvents can also be used as suspension liquid as a standard feature
  • Automatic rinsing cycle
  • No dead space in measuring and rinsing circulation system
  • Fast and consistent cleaning

Efficient dry measurement of powders and bulk solids

The Analysette 28 ImageSizer is the ideal Particle Sizer for fast analysis of particle shape and size of dry, free-flowing materials. Via the optical analysis of the particle shape and particle size, you can identify damaged particles, contaminates, agglomerates or oversized and undersized particles accurately and fast and view them completely uncomplicated in single images.

Your advantages

  • Extra wide measuring range of 20 μm – 20 mm, individually adjustable
  • 3 telecentric lenses are available
  • Up to 75 images per second
  • Agglomerates are preserved
  • Practical Clean Design of the measuring chamber
  • Optimal number of particles due to automatic adjustment of the feeder
  • Easy handling

State-of-the-art, simple and fast evaluation via Cloud and Gallery

The evaluation of the measuring results is uniquely simple with the Analysette 28 ImageSizer. The evaluation software ISS displays each recorded particle clearly as a data point in the immediately available Fritsch Cloud as well as in the Fritsch Gallery. You freely choose which statement is of interest to you: for example the Sphericity in regards to the Minimum Feret Diameter, the aspect ratio, applied on the porosity, or the convexity as a function of the particle Cross Section. Or display the particle size distribution as a cumulative curve, as a bar chart or in a table form.

Each particle can be clicked individually

The state-of-the-art of uncomplicated evaluation: For fast single image viewing, each individual particle can be opened directly with a mouse click from the clearly arranged Fritsch Cloud. The really important information for you about the morphology will be shown by the position of the data point in the Cloud. Without time-consuming search, you can immediately analyse, evaluate and delete individual selected particles. All available size and shape parameters are automatically displayed.


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SF82 Dew-Point
Transmitter for Compressed Air




Simple to install and maintain, the SF82 is a fast response moisture meter measuring dew point and moisture content and is available with a range of process connections and electrical connectors.

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New power output module
Space-saving, high-performance heating solution



Siplus HCS4300 and HCS4200: space-saving, high-performance heating solution
Picture: Siemens

Siemens has equipped the modular Siplus HCS heating control systems for switching and controlling heating panels and elements with a new power output module (POM) and a central interface module (CIM). With more power per output and a space-saving solution for mounting in flat control cabinets, the flexible heating control system is now even more versatile, and can be used for example in applications with heat registers.

With the new POM4320 Highend power output module for 230/277 and 400/480 V power supply networks, the Siplus HCS4300 heating control system can now control electrical heating elements up to 60 A. Three outputs can be used per module at 60 A, and six at 30 A. Integrated current measurement for each output enables heating elements connected in parallel to be monitored so that faults can be diagnosed. Three-phase heating elements in a closed triangle, as are typically used in applications with higher power ratings such as heat registers, can now also be controlled.

For small heating applications with up to 32 heating elements, the HCS4200 heating control system offers a particularly space-saving solution with the compact CIM4210C central interface module, which is just 104 mm wide. As a result, this HCS solution is also particularly well-suited for use in flat control cabinets. All POMs of the HCS4200 can be used in the two slots of the compact CIM.

The Siplus heating control system can be integrated particularly easily into the automation environment via the engineering framework Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA) – with minimal cabling effort and fast commissioning. An HCS program library and user examples simplify engineering even further. Smart control routines ensure that the load is distributed evenly across the network, while integrated diagnostic functions enable faults to be detected and localized rapidly.

Heating control systems from Siemens can be found in a range of sectors and applications all over the world: for example, in the drying of paint and coatings, in the molding of plastics and lightweight construction materials, in plastic welding, and in infrared oven baking.

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