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DC applications
Multi-functional load monitoring relay

Siemens SIRIUS 3UG546: Multi-functional load monitoring relay for DC applications
Picture: Siemens

Siemens has just launched its Sirius 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay on the market. The new device is the most compact of its kind for direct current (DC) applications, enabling simple and precise power measurement. The Sirius 3UG546 is unique in our industry: It is the first and only DC load monitoring relay to combine current and voltage measurement, power monitoring, communication and various other useful functions in one single, compact device. Until now, several individual components were required for each of these functions. The innovative new approach saves space and costs.

Sirius 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay is simply ideal for monitoring industrial applications, and especially battery-based applications. In single- or dual-channel mode, the devices monitor the direct current (DC load circuit), the voltage level and the actual power, and issue a warning if one of these values is above or below the limits defined.

The DC load monitoring relay features a large operating voltage range from 0 to 800 V. The following two current variants are available: 22.5 mm overall width: 2×8 A / 1×16 A; 45 mm overall width: up to 63 A.

The load monitoring relay comes with separate counters for energy consumption and energy recovery. Operating hour and switching cycle counters enable preventive maintenance. The switching cycle counter is incremented by one with every detected switch-off of the monitored load, and the operating hour counter indicates the time period during which a measurable current exists. The number of switching cycles and operating hours serves as an indicator as to whether maintenance or the replacement of switching elements, machine parts and plant sections is required.

The devices can be integrated into the TIA Portal and all the relevant parameters can be parametrized via Profinet. Measured and counter values as well as diagnostic messages are transmitted to a controller via Profinet. To enable fast responses to faults detected in the plant, the internal relay serves as a signal output and trips as soon as a value exceeds or falls below a defined limit. In addition, all the counter and measured values monitored can be provided with a warning limit which generates a warning via Profinet whenever a limit violation occurs. However, operation – including fault response – is also possible without Profinet.

The Sirius 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay offers high user friendliness and simplified use. No expert knowledge is required for commissioning or data processing. The new device is ideal for use in various industries, including: automotive (DC current monitoring in automotive production facilities), robotics (monitoring and energy recovery for robot-integrated processes), e-Mobility (monitoring the energy supplied, deep discharging protection for EV charging), DC energy storage, control cabinet manufacture (DC current monitoring in the control cabinet or in the manufacturing/process units), lighting, and also in autonomously guided vehicles which automatically approach charging stations to charge their batteries.

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Product Video
Speed controllers with push-lock system



SMC´s Featured Products Video: AS-A & AS-FS – Speed controllers with push-lock system

With the AS-A & AS-FS series, users can easily and quickly set the speed of the pneumatic drive.

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Expansion of the Lyon location
Expertise for advanced analysis



Advanced analysis: Endress+Hauser expands competence center in Lyon. Picture: Endress + Hauser
Advanced analysis: Endress+Hauser expands competence center in Lyon. (Picture: Endress + Hauser)

Endress + Hauser has expanded its center of competence for advanced analysis in Lyon, France. The Group invested 2 million euros in a new production facility and office space to meet the growing demand in the area of advanced process analyses.

From Lyon, around 20 employees support Endress + Hauser sales centers across Europe in the application and sales of advanced analysis technology, with a focus on the project business and after-sales services. Ten sales centers across Europe already have specialists on board to handle this complex field of activity.

Customer-specific manufacturing

The new 630-square-meter production facility will be used for customer-specific manufacturing and the assembly of complete analysis systems. Rounding out the facility are offices, rooms for factory acceptance tests and space reserved for future use. The adjacent 1,500-square-meter office building, which opened in 2017, is also home to the Endress + Hauser France regional sales office. With a total of 7,000 square meters, the property offers sufficient space to grow the location even further.

Strategic focus

“The expansion of the Lyon location allows us to do an even better job of bringing our expertise in the field of process analysis to our customers,” emphasized Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Endress + Hauser Group, during the dedication ceremony on 17 July 2019. “This is an important strategic goal for us and helps our customers acquire more information from their processes.”

Analysis portfolio expands

Advanced analysis provides immediate information related to material properties and product quality. The company continuously develops its analysis portfolio to provide online monitoring of quality parameters, for example through spectroscopic techniques. This allows customers to reduce time to market and optimize their processes. Customers in industries such as life sciences, chemical, food & beverage and oil & gas can benefit the most from Endress + Hauser’s advanced analysis portfolio.

Advanced technologies

The Lyon location combines the expertise of the firm and its subsidiaries Kaiser Optical Systems and SpectraSensors under one roof. The Raman analyzers from Kaiser Optical Systems are used to examine the composition and material properties of liquids, gases and solids and enable the real-time measurement of product characteristics. SpectraSensors is a leader in the field of TDLAS technology, which can be used to reliably measure trace-level concentrations of gases.

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Bilfinger tops 2019 “Lünendonk Liste”
For eleventh consecutive time



Bilfinger once again has been ranked “Number 1” among the major industrial services providers in Germany. Its top listing in the survey-based ranking compiled annually by the market research firm Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH marks the eleventh time in a row that the Mannheim-based company takes first place among the top industrial services providers. At more than a billion euros, Bilfinger’s domestic revenue for 2018 was significantly ahead of the runner up. When it came to total revenue earned, Bilfinger’s performance was actually four times that of its closest rival among the top three.

“I’m pleased that we have been the front runner since 2009. This success belongs to our employees who enhance the efficiency of customer’s assets, ensure a high level of availability and reduce maintenance costs. The award encourages us to further expand our market position.”

Bilfinger CEO Tom Blades

In its poll, Lünendonk asked respondents to name the four most important players on the German industrial services market. That Bilfinger is dominating the competitive benchmark is shown by the fact that 88% of those surveyed named the company. The industrial services provider enhances the efficiency of assets, ensures a high level of availability and reduces maintenance costs.

With its innovative, groundbreaking and intelligent products and maintenance strategies, the company is able to boost the efficiency of industrial plants and facilities while concomitantly reducing their ecological footprint. One example is Bilfinger’s “scrubber” solution, a sort of catalytic converter for the maritime shipping industry. Scrubbers reduce the sulfur-dioxide content of the waste gas produced when heavy oil is burned by nearly 100 percent. Bilfinger successfully has established itself on the market with this technology, securing an order volume of more than 100 million euros.

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