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DC applications
Multi-functional load monitoring relay

Siemens SIRIUS 3UG546: Multi-functional load monitoring relay for DC applications
Picture: Siemens

Siemens has just launched its Sirius 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay on the market. The new device is the most compact of its kind for direct current (DC) applications, enabling simple and precise power measurement. The Sirius 3UG546 is unique in our industry: It is the first and only DC load monitoring relay to combine current and voltage measurement, power monitoring, communication and various other useful functions in one single, compact device. Until now, several individual components were required for each of these functions. The innovative new approach saves space and costs.

Sirius 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay is simply ideal for monitoring industrial applications, and especially battery-based applications. In single- or dual-channel mode, the devices monitor the direct current (DC load circuit), the voltage level and the actual power, and issue a warning if one of these values is above or below the limits defined.

The DC load monitoring relay features a large operating voltage range from 0 to 800 V. The following two current variants are available: 22.5 mm overall width: 2×8 A / 1×16 A; 45 mm overall width: up to 63 A.

The load monitoring relay comes with separate counters for energy consumption and energy recovery. Operating hour and switching cycle counters enable preventive maintenance. The switching cycle counter is incremented by one with every detected switch-off of the monitored load, and the operating hour counter indicates the time period during which a measurable current exists. The number of switching cycles and operating hours serves as an indicator as to whether maintenance or the replacement of switching elements, machine parts and plant sections is required.

The devices can be integrated into the TIA Portal and all the relevant parameters can be parametrized via Profinet. Measured and counter values as well as diagnostic messages are transmitted to a controller via Profinet. To enable fast responses to faults detected in the plant, the internal relay serves as a signal output and trips as soon as a value exceeds or falls below a defined limit. In addition, all the counter and measured values monitored can be provided with a warning limit which generates a warning via Profinet whenever a limit violation occurs. However, operation – including fault response – is also possible without Profinet.

The Sirius 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay offers high user friendliness and simplified use. No expert knowledge is required for commissioning or data processing. The new device is ideal for use in various industries, including: automotive (DC current monitoring in automotive production facilities), robotics (monitoring and energy recovery for robot-integrated processes), e-Mobility (monitoring the energy supplied, deep discharging protection for EV charging), DC energy storage, control cabinet manufacture (DC current monitoring in the control cabinet or in the manufacturing/process units), lighting, and also in autonomously guided vehicles which automatically approach charging stations to charge their batteries.

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Sensors and switches
Level measurement



level measurement elobau

Short introduction to Elobau’s level measurement program. The measuring sensors and switches range offers product solutions for controlling liquid levels in tanks for mobile and industry application.

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Stackable-Friendly Output
Low interference emissions thanks to the dual silent switcher series



Analog Devices
Picture: Analog Devices

Analog Devices (ADI) introduced the LT8650S, LT8652S and LT8653S dual-channel 4A/8.5A/2A synchronous step-down Silent Switcher® converters targeted for automotive, communications and solid state drive power supplies. The proprietary Silent Switcher 2 architecture along with spread spectrum frequency modulation ensures PCB layout robustness to achieve ultra-low EMI performance that easily meets CISPR25 emissions.

The LT8650S, LT8652S and LT8653S are also differentiated with their stackable-friendly outputs for higher current applications.  Outputs can be paralleled to scale up or down the output current based on the system need while optimizing thermal performance. This also helps to minimize inventory and qualification time with a single device. For example, the LT8652S provides 8.5A DC from each channel simultaneously or up to 12A on either channel. Synchronizing two LT8652S chips can achieve a 4-phase, 34A supply.

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News story hub
Standing Up To Covid-19



SIG has launched a new online story hub, featuring the latest activities and actions the company is taking as part of a global response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. (Picture: SIG)
SIG has launched a new online story hub, featuring the latest activities and actions the company is taking as part of a global response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. (Picture: SIG)

SIG has launched a new online story hub, featuring the latest activities and actions the company is taking as part of a global response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The story hub is now live at and will be updated in the coming weeks and months as the company continues to act and respond to the new Covid-19 reality.

Since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, SIG has been taking decisive action in a number of ways as individuals, communities and a global company. This has included immediate actions to protect its employees and customer supply chains, together with various community projects and donations in the regions it operates.

The new story hub has been designed to gather all these global efforts and initiatives into one easy-to-navigate platform with three main story themes: employee stories, food supply stories, and community stories.

Keeping people safe and secure

With health and safety its highest priority, SIG has been working to protect the health and wellbeing of employees across its plants, offices and facilities. This has included everything from immediately enacting a global pandemic preparedness plan and ensuring all employees adhere to the strictest hygiene guidelines, to working remotely when and where possible as well as organising social distance and online workouts.

“The safety of SIG employees is always our highest priority. Around the world, our local teams and task forces are not only following official guidance from all relevant health authorities. They’re often going above and beyond to protect the health and safety of colleagues throughout our plants, offices and facilities,” said Ian Wood, Chief Supply Chain Officer, and Leader of SIG’s Global Corona Response Team.

Ensuring food stays safe and available

In many countries where it has production facilities, SIG is among the businesses defined as critical infrastructure. This means the company can continue providing essential services to society at a time when reliable food supply is more important than ever. And to keep up with the current demand, SIG has been operating at near full capacity to ensure its customers can deliver a continuous supply of food and beverage products to consumers.

“All over the world, businesses have had to quickly change how they work, adhering to lockdowns and social distancing,” added Wood. “For those providing essential services for society, such as food and beverage companies, this has proved particularly challenging. So, at SIG, we’ve been doing everything we can to keep food supply running as normal.”

Serving communities for the better

During Covid-19, SIG has recognised that its contribution to local communities is more important than ever. As a result, the company has been carrying out and supporting a number of additional community projects. This has included donating face masks to hospitals and medical centres, providing essential food and hygiene items to disadvantaged families, and partnering with producers to deliver food and drink products to frontline healthcare workers.

“At SIG, we know the importance of being part of a community. And now more than ever, we need to continue providing community support where and when we can – from helping our healthcare heroes on the frontline to ensuring children in need receive essential food and aid packages during this time of uncertainty,” said Wood.

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