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Inauguration of Lauda Square at headquarters

Now LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG celebrated the inauguration of the new Laudaplatz at the gates of its headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen. In addition to the management, the shareholders and the management circle, important representatives of politics were invited to the inauguration ceremony under the open sky, namely mayor Dr. Lukas Braun, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhart, MdL, and Nina Warken, MdB. A total of around 50 guests attended the inauguration, which was held in compliance with corona rules. The LAUDA company can thus be found with immediate effect at the new address Laudaplatz 1.

“65 years old is our company, for 65 years the Pfarrstraße was our home”. With these words, the managing partner Dr. Gunther Wobser, introduced the historic change to the new company address in his speech. Laudaplatz 1 emphasizes the company’s claim to be the world market leader in temperature control technology and at the same time shows the company’s solidarity with the region and the town of Lauda-Königshofen. In addition, the family-owned company is opening up further to the public: “We have created a representative public square that invites the numerous cyclists, athletes and passers-by to linger.” With the new Laudaplatz, they have a “new, fine address for an expanding family business,” explained Dr. Gunther Wobser.

Words of praise from the world of politics

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhart, Member of the State Parliament and Vice President of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, praised the company’s openness to the world and its close ties to its home region. At the same time, he emphasized the extraordinary services that small and medium-sized businesses provide for the German economy. Member of the Bundestag Nina Warken also attended the inauguration of Laudaplatz 1. “The new address reflects the deep bond between Lauda-Königshofen and the LAUDA company,” said Nina Warken in her laudation. “As a global market leader, LAUDA made an important contribution both nationally and internationally during the pandemic,” the politician emphasized in her review of the past year.

She praised the company’s multifaceted social commitment and highlighted the lifetime achievement of Dr. Gerhard Wobser, the former managing partner, who also attended the inauguration as a guest. With a view to the new address, Nina Warken concluded her successful speech with “Nomen est omen”. The mayor of Lauda-Königshofen, Dr. Lukas Braun, presented the official street sign with the new address to Dr. Gunther Wobser at the inauguration. The town is proud of the company, said Dr. Lukas Braun: “I offer my sincere congratulations on this successful christening.”

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Decanter for leading paper and packaging manufacturer in South Asia



Two CF 8000 decanters have now been supplied by GEA to ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division in Bhadrachalam, India. The decanters support the modernization and new construction project.

The Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division is a company in the paper and board industry in South Asia. Modern recovery boilers will be installed at the site to improve the ash handling process. The two new CF 8000 decanters are important components of the ash leaching stage of a modern Chemical Recovery Boiler.

The advanced chemical recovery boilers are not only an integral part of the pulp recovery process, but also generate electricity and steam for the entire mill. This project is being carried out by Valmet, the world’s leading developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet, in turn, had contracted GEA to supply the CF 8000 decabnters as part of this overall project.

Serves as immediate and later as long-term solution

The company has already delivered the two decanters. As a first step, they were initially installed to support the three existing, old recovery boilers. When the new boiler is ready, the ash leaching system, including the two decanters, will be connected to it. The installation of the decanters so far is therefore initially an interim solution, but one that will allow ITC to continue production without interruption and without interruption.

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Working together for low-cost as well as low-carbon hydrogen



Emerson, a well-known provider of industrial software and technology, today announced it has entered into a multi-year strategic framework agreement with BayoTech, an innovator in hydrogen solutions, to accelerate the delivery of hydrogen worldwide. Under this agreement, the company will provide advanced automation technology, software and products to help BayoTech build hundreds of hydrogen generators to produce cleaner, lower-cost hydrogen.

“Industries and organizations worldwide are seeking sustainable solutions to address their most pressing problems. The agreement between Emerson and BayoTech accelerates the development and adoption of hydrogen at scale, which is a game changer for diversifying our global energy mix.”

– Mike Train, Chief Sustainability Officer

The modular hydrogen generators produce up to 1,000 kilograms per day, an amount sufficient to power up to 200 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This special patented technology requires fewer raw materials to produce hydrogen, generating fewer carbon emissions and reducing costs compared to conventional reformers. To meet the growing demand for hydrogen, BayoTech is using its core technology to develop 5-, 10- and 20-ton generators that will lead to further efficiency improvements. Combined with Emerson’s programmable logic controllers and edge control technologies, remote monitoring capability and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, the unmanned, fully autonomous skids can be operated and monitored from the company’s headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“The company’s goal is to become the world’s largest distributed hydrogen generator,” said Mo Vargas, CEO. “Emerson’s advanced technology is the right choice to support our vision of replacing the established centralized hydrogen supply chain with a new, highly efficient model of local autonomous production centers.”

“The agreement between the two companies will make hydrogen technology accessible to more places around the world,” said Linh Austin, COO. “As we build a sustainable – and more cost-effective – global hydrogen supply chain, we are jointly developing a solution that will reduce the carbon footprint of countless customers.”

The hydrogen generators are already under construction and will be deployed at hydrogen centers, U.S. customer sites and other locations worldwide. These centers will deliver locally produced hydrogen to nearby customers via BayoTech’s high-pressure gas transport and storage facilities. Using the facilities, three times more hydrogen can be transported per trip than with conventional steel pipe trailers. The higher payloads result in lower transportation costs, higher driver productivity and reduced carbon emissions.

The strategic framework agreement supports Emerson’s commitment to providing innovative technologies and industry expertise in the rapidly evolving hydrogen sector. Climate-friendly hydrogen has diverse energy and non-energy uses, ranging from renewable energy storage to fueling heavy-duty vehicles. The use of hydrogen enables numerous industries to choose clean energy as a cost-effective solution to their business needs.

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Efficient plant concepts with innovative drive technology



Energy efficiency at a new level

With the IE5+ synchronous motor, Nord has already succeeded in significantly reducing losses once again compared to the current IE4 series. The patent-pending DuoDrive goes one step further and sets new standards in terms of performance, installation space and variant reduction. At up to 92%, it offers one of the highest efficiencies of any gearmotor in this power class on the market and achieves very high system efficiency even in part-load operation. This makes it future-proof and a true cost reducer. This was achieved by fully integrating the IE5+ synchronous motor into a single-stage helical gear unit – a completely new approach to gearmotor design.

Smart frequency inverters for IIoT applications

In the field of frequency inverters, the company is presenting two new products at SPS: the Nordac PRO SK 500P control cabinet inverter with an extended power range of up to 22 kW and the Nordac ON decentralized inverter for small power ranges of up to 1.0 kW. A characteristic feature is the integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface. Whether ProfiNET, EtherNET IP or EtherCAT – the desired protocol can be easily set by parameter. This results in a variant reduction with additional space and cost advantages, because no Ethernet add-on module is required. Perfect for use in IIoT environments. Two variants are available: While the Nordac ON was designed for operation with asynchronous motors, the Nordac ON+ is intended for combination with synchronous motors and complements the high-efficiency portfolio around the new IE5+ motor generation.


All frequency inverters feature a powerful PLC for drive-related functions. This can process the data from connected sensors and actuators, initiate sequence controls autonomously, and transmit the drive and application data to the control station, networked components, or an existing cloud. This enables continuous condition monitoring and thus lays the foundation for predictive maintenance concepts and optimized plant dimensioning.

Experienced drive partner for logistics

The new inverter has been specially adapted to the target applications of horizontal conveyor technology. As a long-standing and experienced logistics partner, the Group knows the needs of the industry inside out and supplies scalable drive solutions for all subsectors. In doing so, the company pursues a comprehensive TCO approach that creates an optimal compromise between investment, operating and maintenance costs. The drive solutions are characterized by high operational reliability, cost-effectiveness and service life, and combine the ideal combination of variant reduction and energy efficiency. A reliable flow of goods is thus guaranteed.

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