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Arab Pharma Manufacturers’ Expo VIRTUAL EXHIBITION redefining business process with most COST EFFECTIVE business model to business with the Arab nations (Middle East & North Africa)

Healthcare manufacturing is the top priority across the globe. Pharma companies are investing and expanding their manufacturing facilities across the world in general and among the Middle East and North African countries in specific.

ARAB PHARMA MANUFACTURERS’ EXPO – an international exhibition on complete pharma manufacturing focusing 20 Arabic countries in Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region will going to be organized as the VIRTUAL EXHIBITION – the first of its kind with highly resourceful features.

Due to health & safety limitations of the pandemic, it is worthwhile to avoid to organize the physical exhibitions, while the Virtual Exhibition applies latest technical aspects to offer the optimum business networking domain bypassing all the limitations (Social Distancing, Travel, Logistics, Vulnerability to infectious diseases, and many more associated risk factors). Virtual Exhibition offers an excellent cost effective product / services resourcing opportunity to network and explore to connect with the targeted solution provider.

An outstanding benefits of the ARAB PHARMA MANUFACTURERS’ EXPO 2020 (Virtual Exhibition) – [APME VE 2020] – are; to accelerates an instant business connectivity, global exposure without any geographical barriers, ease of accessibilities and business networking through Mobile / Laptop / PC, longer exhibit hours and more exhibit days, Live chat to engage prospective suppliers, Live Webinars , real-time experience with negligible investment, options of affordable packages for cost effective participation, and the most important is to bypass several other associated COSTS (Travel, Logistics, Accommodation) and TIME.

The most unique feature of the ARAB PHARMA MANUFACTURERS’ EXPO (Virtual Exhibition) is incorporation of complete spectrum of more than 500 categories of the products / services under 18 sections to make the entire process of the visitor highly user friendly and product specific. This will be the very first time in the world for any virtual exhibition on pharma manufacturing.

The schedule of APME VE 2020 will be September 5 to 10, 2020 and the virtual venue will be, and is being jointly organized by AUPAM (Arab Union of the Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances) and GPE EXPO PVT LTD, and is Supported by Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA).

The APME VE 2020 will be the first ever digital in the Arab  nations edition being organized after highly successful first two edition in physical format organized at Amman, JORDAN, which were remained highly informative for pharma buyers and manufacturing plant professionals from the MENA region. TECHNOLOGY WEBINARS will be the concurrent event alongside the Virtual Exhibition.

The focused pharma markets of the APME VE 2020 are: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen.

The core objectives for organizing the Virtual Exhibition for Arab region are like, strategic exposure of untapped potential of the  pharma markets of the region, knowledge sharing platform, to explore the new markets, to accelerate the exports trade, to showcase the strength of the products / services, to identify local Associates to initiate the business in MENA Region, and to network with the local Drug Stores (Formulation Importers).

After highly successful first 2 editions as physical exhibitions held in year 2018 and 2019 at Jordan, the organizers are introducing the virtual edition of ARAB PHARMA MANUFACTURERS’ EXPO 2020 – first ever in the region

  • Bringing together the regional buyers and international suppliers
  • Most effective and interactive virtual forum to participate, explore, resource, connect and network
  • Strong database of the industry
  • 100+ exhibiting companies

Making a highly successful international pharma technology exhibition on the virtual business platform enables each exhibiting company with more insightful features. All essential aspects incorporated those are basics of any physical exhibitions along with ease of quick responses and sharing of information through brochures / documents / Video.

The Exhibitors’ profiles of the Virtual Exhibition are PROCESSING Machineries, PACKAGING Machineries & Materials, ANALYTICAL & BIOTECH Lab Instruments, LIMS, Glassware, Lab Reagents & Consumables, Lab-ware, API Manufacturing Plants & Equipments, API, Pharma Bulk Actives, Excipients, Additives, FORMULATIONS & Contract Manufacturing, CLEANROOM & Utility Eqpts & Services, WATER TREATMENT & Management Systems, PROJECT Consultants, TURNKEY Contractors, Trade Associations, Trade Publications,  & many more

The Virtual Expo will be promoted extensively to:

  • 600+ pharma manufacturers in Arab nations
  • 250+ pharma manufacturers in African countries

The visitors’ profile of the Virtual Exhibition will the pharma plant manufacturing professionals including – CEO & Top Management, Corporate Management, Drug REGULATORY Authorities, Manufacturing / Production officers, QA, QC and Research, Pharmacists, Contract Manufacturers, Plant Management, Plant Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Vender Development & Purchase, Compliance & Regulatory, Warehousing & Supply Chain, Equipment, Machinery Manufacture, Suppliers & Distributors, Drug Stores, API & Formulation Importers.

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Intelligent solutions against the risk of infection




Detmold-based electronics and automation specialist MSF-Vathauer Antriebstechnik is investing in new products and business units and thus also growing in the COVID-19 pandemic. The MSF-Vathauer Antriebstechnik team has developed modern and intelligent assistance systems for the healthcare sector and bundled them into an independent business unit. The resulting business unit stands for modern assistance systems for all missions that also help in everyday life.

This is how the intelligent Clean Air (CLAIR) system came into being. It is made up of the terms “CLEAN” (clean) and “AIR” (air). Whether a person falls ill with corona or not depends strongly on the infectious dose. In addition to droplets, aerosols have also been identified as carriers of viruses. They float in the air and are ingested by people. To avoid this, it is important to give special importance to air exchange. CO2 traffic lights and room air cleaners promote air quality and contribute significantly and continuously to reducing the viral load. The prerequisites are highly efficient and valid measuring devices that everyone can understand and interpret, as well as highly efficient filter technology in the room air purifiers.


Modern technology for health

Hardly any other time like this one has shown us so clearly that good air is essential for our health, because clear and clean air gives us the security to breathe freely and not only stands for health but can also promote it. Clear air in the office, at school, in the waiting room and at home – with the smart CO2 traffic light “KAY” from the CLAIR system of Vathauer MedTech from now on very easy possible.


Modern infection control “Made in Germany

Wherever it is necessary to minimize the CO2 content and the viral load in the room and wherever many people come together in a confined or closed space, the smart CO2 traffic light “KAY” finds the ideal area of application. “KAY” comes from the CLAIR system that ensures clean air thanks to smart technology – a system with brains & foresight that ensures that airborne pathogens are less likely to spread.


“KAY doctor” in action

Today, we present a user area in more detail and got into conversation with physiotherapist Mr. Claude Diening from the physiotherapy practice “Praevito” in Detmold about reasons for purchasing “KAY”, advantages of the compact CO2 traffic light as well as the current situation in his professional field.

Claude Diening, a health care professional from Lippe, decided to purchase several CO2 traffic lights because of many factors, such as safety, health assurance and customer satisfaction. All of these challenges cannot be dismissed out of hand, because where people are, there is a lot of breathing and often a lot and sometimes loud talking – and in closed rooms, the breathable air emitted in the process circulates for a long time.

As a result, the carbon dioxide concentration and the amount of aerosols in the indoor air rise steadily. In this way, pathogens such as viruses and bacteria can be further distributed. But to ventilate permanently is not the way to go, even in busy rooms such as waiting rooms treatment rooms or on the training floor. But when, how often and for how long should the rooms be ventilated? This is exactly what the CO2 traffic light “KAY” from Vathauer MedTech reliably indicates.

Physiotherapist Claude Diening: “I wanted to provide my customers, myself and my staff with a reliable way of monitoring ventilation – especially in these challenging times. And of course, I not only want to give my customers and patients a feeling of security, but also provide them with a trustworthy product that not only makes the already all too difficult daily routine easier, but also allows us to continue to carry out our profession in our premises as reliably as in the days before Corona.”

Based on recent studies and new scientific findings, it has become clear that clear, clean air in enclosed spaces and those frequented by the public is essential to prevent the spread of viruses. What impact do these assessments have on your daily work?

Physiotherapist Claude Diening: “Especially in the medical and therapeutic field, we focus on basic hygiene and clear prioritization of health. Therefore, it is even more important to me that my customers and patients have a good and safe feeling when they enter my practice rooms as well as during waiting and treatment time. A basic ventilation routine is not always easy to implement in the day-to-day running of a practice, when staff changes, appointment pressure and stressful situations come into play. That’s where a smart tool like the “KAY doctor” is extremely helpful and reliable, as it allows us to provide fresh air as needed.”


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Working together on an integrated digital platform for cell and gene therapy developers




The companies ATMPS Ltd and Ori Biotech announced a global collaboration to create seamless integration between their respective data platforms to support the development of Advanced Therapies. The non-exclusive partnership will result in the integration of Ori’s proprietary CGT manufacturing platform’s data architecture with ATMPS’ HataaliTM, a secure data sharing platform, specially designed as a scalable system for advanced therapies. The combination of the two proprietary platforms will provide improved product tracking, scheduling as well as live monitoring of the manufacturing status across the entire CGT supply chain from vein to vein.


“Ori selected ATMPS’ Hataali technology for integration with our platform to allow the secure sharing of relevant process data with therapy developers, contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) and even clinicians or patients in real-time. This collaboration will provide increased visibility into the treatment process for those involved at each stage of the treatment process, The addition of established technologies from companies like ATMPS allows Ori to further its mission of enabling partners across the CGT industry to bring therapies as safely, cost effectively and quickly as possible to large numbers of patients with few alternative therapeutic options.”

– Jason C. Foster, CEO, Ori Biotech


Hataali encrypts and stores data using distributed ledger technology through a process known as hashing. This process ensures data security is protected through a system of private keys and cryptography. Hataali was the first cell orchestration platform installed in a hospital globally and ATMPS the first blockchain company to integrate with the UK National Health Service for the delivery of advanced therapies.

“Ori is an ideal partner for ATMPS, as both companies share a common mission to lower the costs and improve processes for cell and gene therapies. Ori’s work in helping innovators scale from preclinical to commercial is a massive step towards reducing complexity and bringing these vital therapies to patients more quickly,” said Raja Sharif, CEO, ATMPS. “We all know how challenging and expensive the development and manufacturing of CGTs can be. With the help of Hataali, Ori can securely leverage vein-to-vein data to advance their manufacturing solutions much more efficiently. This will enable real-time therapy tracking, improved patient trust and expediated clinical development.”

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Efficient pipetting between different vessel formats




Eppendorf expanded its line-up of Move It adjustable tip spacing pipettes with four additional variants. With adjustable cone distances, the pipettes allow scientists to accelerate and simplify their workflow when pipetting between different vessel formats such as from tubes to plates.

The new electronic models feature 8 or 12 channels and volume ranges of 1–20 μL or 5–100 μL respectively. With a minimum tip distance of 4.5 mm they are perfectly suited for the 384-well plate format.

Their unique, tubeless design results in fewer moving fragile parts which improves precision and durability. The pipettes are also autoclavable – increasing user and sample safety. With a 360° rotatable pipette head and an ideal hand balance, they are highly ergonomic and reduce operating stress in the lab.

Launched in 2020, the Move It line-up has already been acknowledged with a Wiley Analytical Science Award 2021 and one of the esteemed Scientists’ Choice Awards 2021 for Best New General Lab Product of 2020. It now covers all dominant volume variants needed for different applications.

Along with the new Move It variants, Eppendorf have ramped up their production capacities for epT.I.P.S. 384 pipette tips, which are the perfect choice for 384-well pipetting and also available as filter tip.

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