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Czech town welcomes wastewater treatment installation



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Czech town welcomes wastewater treatment installation

A new wastewater treatment system installed in a town in the Czech Republic will protect valued fishing ponds and raise the quality to required EU environmental standards. Packaged wastewater treatment plant provider WPL installed a below-ground system in Klimkovice, in the country’s Moravian-Silesian region, as part of a municipality-led project to construct a first-time sewerage network to serve 340 of the town’s residents.

Some 110 properties will connect to the new system, replacing ageing septic tanks that had been seeping into streams which flowed into the popular fishing ponds, impacting the quality of the waters, which have protections under the EU’s Water Framework Directive. The project was welcomed by the local community and its successful completion marked with an opening ceremony.

Frantisek Lindovsky, WPL’s manager for central Europe, said: “It was the municipality’s aim to protect the ponds and provide a clean and healthy environment for the fish, which is why the decision was taken to invest in a new sewer network and sewage treatment plant. WPL’s technology was considered the most suitable because our treatment units are modular, compact and ready-to-use.

“The completed system, which will be fed by the town’s new sewer network, will significantly improve the quality of the local streams and fishing ponds and ensure they meet the environmental standards set out by the EU.”

The project team had to overcome significant challenges caused by high groundwater levels, which hindered installation of the treatment tanks.  To manage this, engineers built a temporary well so that water could be continually pumped out and levels kept down throughout construction.

The installed treatment plant – WPL’s Hybrid-SAF biological system – comprises units designed to control chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) suspended solids, and ammonia. A remote monitoring system was also installed.  The high environmental standards required included 30mg/l BOD, 110mg/l COD, 40mg/l suspended solids and 20mg/l ammonia.

To protect the below-ground units from excess groundwater the excavation was fully backfilled with water-resistant concrete.  A small biological pond was also constructed by a municipality-sourced supplier to provide tertiary treatment and extra capacity was built into the system to cater for population growth. The scheme was financed by the EU Cohesion Fund, which aims to promote sustainable development, and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

The mayor of Klimkovice, Jaroslav Varga, said: “The area’s fishing ponds are used for fish farming as well as leisure, so it was important to protect them.  Installation of the project was executed without any problems and WPL worked with us very proactively. We’re happy they will assist us in the first few months of operation.”

Lindovsky said: “The mayor considered this to be a very successful project because it was on time and within budget and they wanted to celebrate completion with drinks and a speech. As wastewater treatment specialists it is very satisfying to see the pride taken in the new system and the level of appreciation for the environmental benefits it will bring.” The site will be managed by the municipality with WPL providing supervision and support.

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Cementing the deal
Mondi signs supplier agreements cement producers in Egypt



Image: Mondi

Mondi Paper Bags, part of Mondi Group, a leading global packaging and paper manufacturer, has acquired two paper bag lines from Helwan Cement Company and InterCement Sacs, two major cement producers in Egypt. The acquired production lines will increase Mondi’s capacity by approximately 60-80 million bags annually and strengthen Mondi’s position in the Middle Eastern bag market, particularly in supporting suppliers to the construction industry.

Mondi Paper Bags, a global producer that operates two plants in Egypt, will also become the exclusive supplier of paper bags to Helwan Cement Company and InterCement Sacs.

“We are excited to have signed long-term supply agreements with two of our biggest customers in Egypt further securing our position in the Middle Eastern market. These collaborations will offer Helwan and InterCement access to our latest innovations, industry expertise and our strong plant network and customer service in the Middle East. Thanks to Mondi’s vertical integration, our partners will further benefit from our high quality kraft paper,” said Claudio Fedalto, Chief Operating Officer of Mondi Paper Bags.

“Building sustainable partnerships is InterCement’s tagline, and it is exactly what this deal represents. It is a long and fruitful partnership, in which we will focus on our cement production, while Mondi is supplying us with high quality bags and comprehensive customer service,” said Paulo Dall’Aqua, Legal & Administration Director, Amreyah Cement.

“We are delighted to continue our relationship with a reputable and reliable global paper bags supplier like Mondi, while we can focus on our core operations, the production of grey cement and ready-mix,” said Jose Maria Magrina, Managing Director, Suez Cement Group.

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Chemical production plants
Cleaning and washing systems product line



OFRU Recycling acquires the TECOS cleaning and washing systems product line
Picture: Ofru Recycling

Ofru Recycling, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solvent recycling systems for the recovery of contaminated solvents, acquired Tecos Bruhin AG Product Line Cleaning Technologies (“Tecos”) headquartered in Altnau, Switzerland, on December 16, 2019. The acquisition adds Cleaning and Washing Technology to Ofru’s Solvent Recycling product line offering.

Tecos Bruhin AG is one of the leading manufacturers of dispensing and cleaning systems, whose core product offerings include cleaning systems for containers in the paint, coating, printing ink and the sealants and adhesives industry.

Since entering the market, Tecos has built up an exclusive customer base. Customers appreciate the impeccably clean containers, as these are the prerequisite for their flawless production.

“This is an important strategic step for Ofru,” said Denis Kargol, Managing Director of Ofru. “By adding Tecos’ expertise, products and capabilities, we are one of the few manufacturers to offer both solvent recycling equipment and complete solutions for cleaning and washing industrial containers for customers worldwide”.

“This acquisition will fuel Ofru’s global expansion. The new product lines offer Ofru an exciting opportunity to build a stronger, more sustainable global advantage in the integration of cleaning systems,” added Denis Kargol. “In the second quarter of 2020, we will manufacture the cleaning systems previously built by Tecos in Alzenau / Germany,” said Kargol.

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All-steel multi-disc coupling
Compact Coupling Solution



Flender Flender increases torque of N-Arpex all-steel disc coupling
Picture: Flender

Engineers and designers are always looking for solutions to make their and our life easier. Especially in our times, which are characterized by high cost pressure and ever more ambitious applications, flexible components are in high demand. Compact, high-performance strong components that allow for simple constructive solutions can play an important role. Flender meets these requirements with its N-Arpex all-steel multi-disc coupling. The successor to the proven Arpex couplings is a compact coupling solution offering torques up to 2 million Newton meters.

Installation – easy as ABC

The N-Arpex series of all-steel lamina couplings is now completed with standard couplings in two versions (ARN-8 and ARN-10) , thereby delivering up to 2 million Nm of torque . Through the eight or ten screw connections, coupling diameter of up to 988 mm can be reached. For higher torques expansion stages Flender developed a conical screw connection. Thus, assembly is significantly simplified even in high performance ranges and can be carried out without additional tools.
The torsionally rigid, all-steel, multi-disc coupling offers a compact overall design, a significant increase in performance and increased bore capacity. This allows a smaller coupling to offer a higher torque transfer, compared with the previous model Arpex. In many cases this allows for the application of a smaller sized coupling. The achieved weight optimization enables higher, physical parameters and leads to a reduction of the bearing load in the connected machines. In combination with the closed flange contour, these couplings can be used for peripheral speeds of up to 110 m per second.

One series fits all

A single series of 37 sizes covers the entire torque range up to two million Nm, the previous model needed 67 designs to offer that torque range. This makes the coupling selection easier, clearer and faster, which has a positive impact on the order process and procurement logistics.

The entire value chain, from development over production to the performance test on a test beds, is done in-house by Flender, with decades of experience in development and construction flowing into each coupling.

The devil is in the detail

In the various sectors, machines and systems are subject to a wide variety of standards and certifications. The materials, used in conjunction with the well-thought-out overall design of the N-Arpex couplings, enable the application in a temperature range from -50 to 280°C. The couplings are also suitable for explosive environments and meet the requirements of the Atex Directive 2014/34 / EU and the requirements of API 610 / ISO 13709 and API 671 / ISO 10441. Another standard safety feature of the series is the special catching device securing the intermediate spacer in the event of plate breakage
The redesign of the couplings provides an even higher bore capacity allowing for bigger shafts, in comparison to its predecessor. Another focus of development was on the simple installation of the couplings, which are available in three- and five-part versions. The two hub pieces at both ends are provided with pull-off threaded holes. In the case of the five-part variant, the intermediate unit is also delivered pre-assembled. All these features simplify handling and allow quick and safe installation routines.

From mechanics into the digital world

In addition to the design benefits, users profit from the electronic capabilities offered by Flender. Couplinges or gearboxes can be selected in the online tool “Drive Technology Configurator” based on the technical parameters appropriate to their application.

The tool allows designers to find the right coupling and order it online. Flender can also provide key design data such as 3D models, dimensional drawings and descriptions. By integrating these into suitable design and simulation programs, a “digital twin” can be created. This gives designers important information about suitable couplings and drives early in the project phase.

Although couplings are not among the most expensive parts in the drive train, designers expect optimal value for money and the best possible design characteristics that meet the most stringent standards. The N-Arpex coupling generation has been developed meet these requirements, following in the footsteps of the very popular Arpex series, while setting new benchmarks at the same time.

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