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Measurement, Instrumentation, Control & Automation

European Associations of automation technology
Cybersecurity and 5G-connectivity as basis for digitalization



Measurement, Instrumentation, Control & Automation

An influential group of organisations representing European users of instrument users and industrial process automation technology met again in September 2018 and agreed on priorities for cooperation and action.

Board members and Directors of European user associations of instrument users and automation technology users in process industries – Namur, EI, WIB and Exera, welcomed Clui AS, the Club Utilizzatori Italiani Automazione e Strumentazione, to their annual meeting, this year held in Cologne in September 2018. Eemua was invited and attended the meeting and contributed to the discussions.

During wide ranging discussions the Associations reaffirmed their intention to cooperate closely in this challenging, fast moving and complex field, discussed common concerns and how best to address them. To further underline the importance of collaboration the existing cooperation agreement between Namur, EI, WIB and Exera was extended to include Clui AS as a new member.

All together Newec represent over 250 companies using instrumentation and process control systems that are vital for the safe, efficient and sustainable operation of complex process industries that provide vital materials and power for the modern world.

Varied and open discussions covered many key topics. Highlights included:

Cybersecurity of industrial systems: Newec discussed the heightened dangers posed by some recent intrusions into industrial systems, including those affecting the integrity of plant safety systems. Close cooperation between the organizations on the realisation of guidelines and practices continues.

Connectivity in the industrial environment: the increased use of industrial wireless technology, particularly with the exploitation of the 5G allocation by industry is a significant enabler for many aspects of efficient plant operation and Industrie 4.0, but also raises many questions regarding what should be regarded as good practice. There are huge potential benefits for both manufacturers and users in establishing common solutions and practices.

Big data: though many companies have been doing extensive data analysis for decades, the improvements in data analysis tools are now driving a raft of changes ranging from predictive maintenance through to the business model itself. A number of examples and potential areas of application were discussed. Sound cybersecurity and high-speed connectivity are seen as fundamental prerequisites for Big Data and further digitalization efforts in the process and power industries.

Type testing: the organisations were keen to exchange ideas on new approaches to type testing. Having regard to the wide range of requirements of their member companies and the differing approaches and capabilities of testing laboratories, Newec recognised the advantages of developing a common view on what aspects of a device are the core to be tested, and what are the common principles and conditions for testing.

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Measurement technology
S8000 Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Range



Michell Instruments Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Range S8000 Industry Process Technology

In many processes moisture is a critical factor that needs to be monitored, and controlled. Chilled mirror is the technology of choice for humidity measurements to national standards in laboratories worldwide.

Chilled mirror has the highest attainable accuracy of any dew-point measurement technology, and provides excellent repeatability over a wide measurement range. It is a proven, well established and reliable measurement technique: the temperature at which condensation forms on a surface is measured directly, so there are no calculated variables that could change over time. This means chilled mirror does not suffer from drift or hysteresis.

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Simotics Connect 400
Greater efficiency with connectivity module



When fitted with Simotics Connect 400, size AH100 to AH450 low-voltage motors can be analyzed using the cloud-based Sidrive IQ Fleet App. Picture: Siemens
When fitted with Simotics Connect 400, size AH100 to AH450 low-voltage motors can be analyzed using the cloud-based Sidrive IQ Fleet App. (Picture: Siemens)

In future, it will be possible for existing motors operating in the field to be retrofitted with the Simotics Connect 400 connectivity module from Siemens. This will allow size AH100 to AH450 low-voltage motors operated directly from the mains to transmit operating data straight to the cloud-based Sidrive IQ Fleet App without the need for any structural modifications. Regular data analysis allows plant operators to quickly and efficiently oversee the operational status of their drive systems and plan a servicing schedule based on actual requirement. This not only improves efficiency, but also optimizes serviceability and extends service life. Typical applications requiring monitored low-voltage motors include pumps, fans and compressors.

At this year’s Hannover Messe; Siemens will be using a brownfield application to demonstrate how plant availability can be optimized in future using Simotics Connect 400. The connectivity module comes with all the sensors required for capturing motor vibration or temperature-related data, a Wlan communication module and a battery to enable independent operation. The module processes and saves the operating data, and sends it to the Sidrive IQ Fleet App for cloud-based analysis. Special algorithms use the data to generate meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) which describe the status of the motors, and are used to determine any concrete need for action. If required, the modules can be retrofitted to legacy motors to improve reliability and availability and boost performance.

Sidrive IQ: IoT digitalization portfolio for drive systems

Sidrive IQ is an essential component of the Siemens digitalization portfolio which opens up wide-ranging scope for IoT (Internet of Things) optimization across the entire drive train – from production through to servicing. Sidrive IQ MindSphere offers a variety of different applications and customized services. Sidrive IQ Fleet is used predominantly in process industry applications, and Analyze MyDrives is designed in the main for the discrete manufacturing industry. Both applications enable the visualization, analysis and monitoring of drive data.

The Sidrive IQ application Analyze MyDrives additionally allows the operating status of Sinamics low-voltage converters to be reliably and conveniently monitored, while gathering and analyzing their operating data. By continuously monitoring power consumption, torque and frequency and also measuring energy flows, users can identify any optimization and maintenance requirement and so initiate any necessary actions in good time. This reduces the need for fixed-interval maintenance, making for greater machine productivity and allowing energy saving potential to be identified.

As a result, plant operators benefit from improved plant availability. A range of connectivity modules for low-voltage and medium-voltage converters as well as low-voltage and high-voltage motors are available from Siemens for linking drive systems to the cloud.

Siemens at the Hannover Messe 2019: Hall 9, Stand D35

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Unleashing the potential
Efficient utilization of unused device data



Netilion, a cloud-based ecosystem, supports users with intelligent and connected applications. Picture: Endress+Hauser
Netilion, a cloud-based ecosystem, supports users with intelligent and connected applications. (Picture: Endress+Hauser)

At the Hannover Messe 2019, Endress+Hauser will highlight the intelligent utilization of data and information from field devices and show how the vast potential hidden in plants can be unleashed. The foundation of this strategy is innovative diagnostic information generated by Heartbeat Technology, a wide selection of digital interfaces and connectivity modules, as well as the Netilion IIoT ecosystem. With this approach, the People for Process Automation are catering to companies constructing new plants, as well as the operators of existing systems.

Netilion – cloud-based IIoT ecosystem

Every user is looking for ways to carry out predictive maintenance and avoid unplanned system downtime. As a leading provider of measurement instruments for industrial applications, Endress+Hauser wants to offer current and future customers solutions that exploit the untapped potential in their field devices. While the data already exists, the Netilion applications allow users to take advantage of it. With the Netilion cloud-based ecosystem, Endress+Hauser is showcasing intelligent and connected applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Heartbeat Technology – constantly feeling the pulse

Endress+Hauser offers a wide range of instruments equipped with Heartbeat, a technology that provides a high level of system availability with minimal effort. The integrated Heartbeat Technology delivers concise, standardized diagnostic notifications and monitoring data that allow users to service and maintain their systems precisely when needed. In combination with the Netilion applications, this data enables predictive maintenance. The information also provides an indication of operational reliability and process safety. Since the instruments automatically monitor their own condition, manual inspection cycles can be reduced.

Solid measurement instruments for efficiency and reliability

One of the product highlights at the Hannover Messe is the new Liquiphant FTL51B, which follows in the footsteps of the tried-and-tested tuning fork–based Liquiphant level switches. This robust point level switch is suitable for use with all liquids and now comes with the integrated Heartbeat Technology for documented proof testing without removing the instrument or interrupting the process. Another new product that is also equipped with Heartbeat Technology is the Gammapilot FMG50, a radiometric level transmitter that can be deployed where other measurement principles run up against their limits. Additional highlights that visitors can check out at the Endress+Hauser exhibit booth are the Proline 300/500 flowmeter and a new Promass A flow sensor for measuring smaller flows, which is also available in two-wire technology. And with the 113 GHz concept, Endress+Hauser is also illustrating that it offers the right frequency for every application when it comes to radar-based level measurements.

Endress+Hauser at the Hannover Messe: hall 11, stand C43

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