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Powerful and flexible
Conditions for successful Easter business

The MCH packaging machine by Theegarten-Pactec is ideal for manufacturers of seasonal sweets. Picture: Theegarten-Pactec
The MCH packaging machine by Theegarten-Pactec is ideal for manufacturers of seasonal sweets. (Picture: Theegarten-Pactec)

Confectionery manufacturers with a seasonal assortment such those offered Easter or Christmas are dependent on a packaging machine that can pack large quantities of different products reliably and in a variety of ways. An MCH by Theegarten-Pactec meets all these requirements, making it unnecessary to invest in several machines. The premium supplier’s continuously operating two-head machine packs the products gently and enables fast switching between different formats, wrapping types and packaging materials.

Easter is approaching and with it there is an increasing end-consumer demand for sweets especially chocolate eggs in various shapes and packaging variants. Easter baskets are expected to be richly filled for young and old, after all. An MCH by Theegarten-Pactec offers manufacturers of seasonal products both high performance and the flexibility to respond quickly to seasonal market demands. Up to 1,200 products can be foil-wrapped per minute or wrapped in a double twist wrapper. Assuming 15 Easter eggs or chocolate balls per pack, confectionery manufacturers can produce the filling quantity for more than 35,000 packs per shift. Thanks to the optional double packaging material feeder, waxed paper, cellophane, plastic and aluminium foil can be combined to create very individual and high-quality solutions. Polypropylene films are stabilized by means of an air blast device, so even with this sensitive material the result meets the high standards applied by Theegarten-Pactec’s customers.

Quickly ready for new packaging tasks

The modular design of the MCH makes it possible to process different products and folding types on one machine. This saves customers of the Dresden-based packaging specialist investing in several machines and also in more floor space, especially in times of scarce and expensive property for commercial renting. The changeover time between the different folding types and/or product formats is between two and six hours. This depends mainly on which folding types follow each other and whether the product format is to be changed at the same time. Innovation driver Theegarten-Pactec thus offers the advantage of short downtimes combined with high flexibility.

Gentle treatment of soft-melting products

Sensitive products also benefit from the fact that Theegarten-Pactec is able to dispense with one head due to the special design principle. This ensures perfect protection for the confectionery as compared to machines with more product transfers. With MCH, the confectionery falls gently into the counterforms of the feeding plate so that the surface is not scratched. In addition, the packaging material is moved out of the separation ring directly after product removal. The fact that the two-head machine works continuously also contributes to this gentle treatment of the confectionery. Two additional sorting systems integrated into the machine ensure a convincing end result. On the one hand, they separate out products that are not dimensionally stable, as well as sugar icing and product splinters, before the packaging process. On the other hand, they remove spliced, defective and unwound products at the end.

A machine with many advantages

In addition to all these machine-related advantages, there is another: the fully automatic operation of the MCH means that a single operator is able to take care of several machines. Ultimately, the investment in a packaging machine made by the Dresden family business pays off several times over: it is flexible, high-performance, gentle on the product and very economical.

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Food processing and packaging
Oil-free screw type vacuum pump



Leybold presents the 100% oil-free screw type vacuum pump NOVADRY for food processing and packaging Atlas Copco
Picture: Leybold

Leybold presents its innovative vacuum portfolio at the international trade fair for the meat industry IFFA in Frankfurt am Main from 04 to 09 May 2019 in hall 11, booth A41. The new Novadry vacuum pump series will be the focus of the presentation. The completely newly developed, oil-free screw vacuum pump ensures significantly greater safety and efficiency in food and packaging processes.

Vacuum as a key technology

The demands placed by manufacturers and consumers on the quality, shelf life and resource efficiency of food and packaging processes are constantly increasing. This applies even more to such perishable products as for example meat or fish. Vacuum is considered as an enabling technology, contributing significantly to optimizing these processes. Therefore, Leybold developed the innovative Novadry, a new 100% oil-free, air-cooled pump, which will be launched at the IFFA.

No oil, less effort

“Many users in meat processing and packaging cannot actually tolerate vacuum pumps emitting oil,” stresses product manager Niels Gorrebeeck. Novadry prevents such contaminations. That is why Leybold designed a 100% dry pump following hygienic criteria. This increases safety in applications such as tumbling, filling, vacuum packaging and thermoforming. An additional advantage of oil-free vacuum pumps is the lower cost of ownership, as less maintenance and spare part changes are required.

In addition to the oil-free screw principle, Leybold has transferred proven components and principles from other vacuum pump series to the Novadry, including the bearing structure and the belt drive, which synchronizes the rotors in the Novadry.

Broad range of applications

The Novadry also stands out due to its long uptime and robustness. Some competitor products lose their end-pressure or reduce pumping-speed due to wear of the inner coating, for example. The Novadry, however, achieves its performance over the entire pressure range and life cycle. This makes it ideal for simple applications, which emit low amounts of humidity, such as packaging of cold products. Moreover, the pump is also perfectly suited for more demanding processes with large amounts of water vapour, for example when hot meals with temperatures of up to 95°C have to be quickly cooled down by evaporative cooling. “In addition to the air/steam mixture coming from the process, the Novadry screw vacuum pump can also handle the anticipated contamination inside the gas flow very well. These are for example organic acids, spices, vinegar or other residues,” summarizes Pierre Lantheaume, Business Development Manager Food & Packaging at Leybold.

Proven in real life

Novadry has successfully passed many qualifying field endurance tests in a wide range of food applications – tumbling, tray sealing and thermoforming. In all applications, it shows very good performance, the users reached fastest cycle times and low final pressure.

Forward-looking pump

Leybold have succeeded in developing a forward-looking product which has the potential to set a new standard for the food processing and packaging markets. This is due not only to the absence of oil, but also to the Novadry’s noise behaviour, the robust design and the low life-time costs.

Leybold at the IFFA 2019: Hall 11, Stand A 41

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Feeder Design for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Feeding Solution for Demands of Processing



Coperion K-Tron’s new QT20 and QT35 pharmaceutical feeders with redesigned trapezoid scale shape and significantly smaller footprint are optimized for multi-feeder clusters around a process inlet.
Coperion K-Tron’s new QT20 and QT35 pharmaceutical feeders with redesigned trapezoid scale shape and significantly smaller footprint are optimized for multi-feeder clusters around a process inlet. (Picture: Coperion K-Tron)

At this year’s Interphex as well as at Powtech Coperion K-Tron will display the next generation of its highly accurate, gravimetric K3-PH feeders for the pharmaceutical industry. These modular feeders have been specially designed to meet the growing demands of continuous processing. Thanks to the use of a smaller D4 platform scale incorporating the patented and highly accurate Smart Force Transducer (SFT) weighing technology, they require significantly less floor space compared to previous models. Depending on the process and requirements, several feeders can be grouped into a cluster, for example for continuous processes such as direct compression (CDC), extrusion, wet and dry granulation, and continuous coating as well as traditional batch processes.

Easy handling and better product quality

The modular design of this innovative feeder line simplifies cleaning and reduces changeover times. The “Quick Change” design, whereby the feeder bowl can be quickly decoupled from the feeder drive, also enables simple and fast product changes. By simply releasing two clamps, the used feeding unit can be removed and replaced with a clean one.

The three available Coperion K-Tron feeder types QT20, QT35 and QS60 (twin and single screw) can be used with the same scale and drive units. They are interchangeable, depending on the product to be fed, the required feed rates and the necessary scale resolution. For an optimal Wet-In-Place (WIP) result, every unit has an integral two degree pitch facilitating maximum drainage during the cleaning process. In addition, the feeder bowls and hoppers feature a new improved seal design for optimal product containment. The complete line of equipment is engineered to meet the rigid requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, including strict adherence to cGMP guidelines and standards as well as the use of FDA approved materials of construction. Initial industry reactions to the design include very positive comments on the use of a single gearbox for the complete speed ranges of all feeder models.

High-accuracy weighing with patented SFT technology

The new D4 platform scale features the same state-of-the-art sanitary design of the established Coperion K-Tron D5 scale. Smooth, crevice free surfaces prevent deposit of dust and product residue and enable easy cleaning. The redesign of the scale from a round design to a trapezoid design features a much smaller footprint and facilitates an optimized multi-feeder arrangement. This is especially useful in areas with limited space, where multiple ingredients must be fed into one process inlet. At the heart of the new D4 scale, Coperion K-Tron’s patented SFT single wire weighing technology provides a highly accurate weight signal with a resolution of 1:4,000,000 in 80 ms. The electronics include linearization, temperature compensation and a digital low-pass filter to reduce the effect of plant vibration. The 100% digital design eliminates the need for calibration.

Coperion at the Interphex 2019: Booth 2558

Coperion at the Powtech 2019: Hall 4, Booth 290

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Packaging solutions
Attractive packs for fish and crustaceans



Attractive packs for fish and crustaceans Multivac
Picture: Multivac

At Seafood 2019 Multivac will be exhibiting packaging solutions, which contribute to extending the shelf life of fish and seafood as well as ensuring, that the product is presented attractively at the point of sale. In addition to concepts for producing attractive vacuum skin packs, the focus of the trade fair will also include packaging solutions, which meet the current demand for recyclability and minimisation of plastic consumption in the production of food packaging.

The MultiFresh concept from Multivac, the specialist in packaging, offers a proven process for packing food in vacuum skin packs. In addition to a wide spectrum of thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers, there is also an extensive range of skin films available, which was developed in conjunction with leading film manufacturers, and which ensures that optimum packaging results are achieved. This means that even food products with sharp edges or hard areas, such as bones or shells, as well as those with high product protrusion, can be packed securely and with a high-quality appearance. In Brussels the MultiFresh process will be demonstrated on a thermoforming packaging machine, which is capable of being configured individually, as well as on a compact, fully automatic traysealer.

The high-performance R 275 MF thermoforming packaging machine, which will be exhibited at Seafood, is designed for packing whole fish in vacuum skin packs. It enables high-quality packs to be produced for an extensive range of products, and it achieves a high level of output with maximum efficiency.

When it comes to producing MultiFresh tray packs in small to medium-sized batches, the company will be showing the space-saving.

T 300 MF entry-level model. This compact traysealer can be designed as multi-track and combined with various discharge systems. Thanks to the simple die change, the machine can quickly be converted for different pack sizes and shapes. Electric drive systems for the tray transport, lifting unit and film trim winder ensure that it has an energy-efficient method of operation.

Thanks to its PaperBoard range, the company is able to meet the rising demand for sustainable packaging solutions. “At Seafood we are expecting a high level of interest from visitors in this area in particular,” explains Valeska Haux, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Multivac. On display will be a range of concepts, which contribute to reducing the use of plastics in packaging production, as well as concepts for producing packs that meet current recycling requirements. The Multivac PaperBoard range comprises a wide variety of paper fibre-based materials, which the company has developed in conjunction with leading packaging manufacturers, and which can be used to produce MAP and vacuum skin packs on thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers.

For labelling these packs, Multivac will be exhibiting a Full-wrap labelling solution for efficient wrap-around labelling of a wide range of packs. A conveyor belt labeller is used to apply a label to the top of the pack, then over both sides and finally onto the base of the pack. In contrast to other labelling or sleeving systems, full-wrap labelling offers many benefits in terms of label quality, efficiency and presentation at the point of sale. The process is very flexible in being able to run labels made from different materials and in a wide variety of shapes, and it ensures that maximum labelling quality is achieved even with unusual pack shapes.

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