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Compact Dryer for Product Development



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Harter Chamber Dryer H01compact. Picture: Harter
Harter Chamber Dryer H01compact. (Picture: Harter)

The new chamber dryer H01compact is Harter’s latest production system. This compact system adds to the German drying system manufacturer’s new product line. The dryer is perfectly suited for laboratory testing very small quantities or for developing new products. It is also ideally suited for startups in the initial development of their product idea.

The H01compact has a drying chamber designed for inserting plates or trays straightaway. As in the H01, products placed separately or at filling heights of 200 mm maximum may be dried. Batch sizes range between 30 and 70 kg depending on the specific application and the product to be dried. Essentials of heat pump based condensation comprise the use of extremely dry air and adequate routing of this air which ensures very high process reliability.

Drying is effected at temperatures which may be varied and controlled at 15 °C to 75 °C as required for the specific application. This drying process ensures gentle drying of products to the desired residual humidity level. As the system is closed air-wise, drying is independent of the climate. All this has a positive effect on aromas, ingredients and flavours as well as the appearance of the products as demonstrated by dryers in operation.

The processes may be validated for pharmaceutical applications and are thus eligible for GMP qualification. Our customers will always obtain a reproducible drying process and may control their parameters at any time.

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Pharmapack Award
IQ-Dose for micro-tablets dosage wins Award



IQ-Dose, the device designed by SGH Healthcaring for micro-tablets dosage, wins the 2019 Pharmapack Award's 'Best Innovation in Solid Dosage Packaging'
Picture: SGH Healthcaring

Convinced that the micro-pill will be growing strongly in the near future Stiplastics Healthcaring – a subsidiary of SGH Healthcaring, a rapidly growing group and a key partner for the pharmaceutical industry – has developed IQ-dose (Intuitive & Quick-dose), an adjustable device for dosing medicines in this form. The micro-pill makes it possible to sub-divide doses and therefore administer a very accurate dose with a high concentration of active ingredients and few excipients, in response to the obligation placed on pharmaceutical firms to develop paediatric forms (EU Regulation no. 1901/2006).

The easy-to-use IQ-dose first version can be used to administer 1 to 24 micro-pills without having to count or touch them, for perfect hygiene and safety! The user simply:

  • selects the correct dose,
  • fits the device directly over the bottle of pills,
  • tips the bottle upside down for IQ-dose to pick up the prescribed number of micro-pills, all at the same time.

The micro-pill offers several other advantages: it is easy to take, with less chance of choking and fewer risks of over/under-dosing. It also provides a solution for adults with swallowing difficulties.

Different development projects with pharmaceutical companies interested in the product are already underway.

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Smart Industrial Connectivity
Plug-in connector with electronic signal processing



The trend towards digitalisation in industry requires new solutions, this also applies for components that were previously purely electromechanical in nature. Because without a powerful, comprehensive infrastructure, digitalisation hits its limits fast. The infrastructure includes plug-in connectors and cables whose significance is set to rise and for example will be reflected in intelligent plug-in connectors.

The smart plug-in connector is located within the connecting line where it measures various electrical values and transmits these, e.g. to an app, cloud or to ERP or Scada systems. Picture: Weidmüller

The smart plug-in connector is located within the connecting line where it measures various electrical values and transmits these, e.g. to an app, cloud or to ERP or Scada systems. (Picture: Weidmüller)

The development of plug-in connectors is heavily influenced by three trends: digitalisation, decentralisation and miniaturisation. In decentralisation, increasing numbers of functions in the industrial environment are shifting to the device and field level, meaning that there will be an increasing demand for a comprehensive connection between devices along the horizontal and vertical axes of the automation pyramid. This also includes supplementation with intelligent functions. Integrating sensor and diagnostic functions directly into the connectors opens up completely new application fields and renders additional sensors superfluous.

Measured variables like current, voltage, power and temperature can be measured, as well as saved and evaluated with an app, an ERP/SCADA system or a cloud. Such an intelligent plug-in connector is presented by Weidmüller for the first time at Hannover Messe 2019. The smart plug-in connector was created as part of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded project: “Intelligent electric plug-in connector and connection technology with electronic signal processing (ISA)”.

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Fairs Food & Beverage

Felföldi’s is back
Snack industry with new taste and colour



Felföldi’s is back to revive the snack industry with new taste and colour
Picture: Felföldi

The Felföldi’s team welcomed the visitors enthusiastically at the world’s biggest candy expo, the ISM in Cologne, Germany. They’re especially excited about their new and improved Let’s Cheese!, the all-natural healthy snack product aimed at the crucial and increasingly health-conscious 18-30 age range.

“The first day of ISM has been fantastic – we are delighted to be back again! We love the atmosphere of the ISM expo here in Cologne and we’ve already met lots of friends and potential business partners – we absolutely encourage you to visit if you would like to taste something new and exciting and discover the latest innovations in the candy and snack industry.”

Andrea Szabo, Export director at Felföldi

Following global successes with candy-filled straws and artfully-presented cake-mixes, Felföldi’s is now offering a high-quality dry cheese snack “Let’s Cheese!” that promises great taste, no added ingredients and a casual style aimed at young adults. It’s just one of a range of products that combine the best of tradition, fun and innovation, to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Company founder Joseph Felföldi handed over partial control of his company to his son recently after a period of record growth. Over the next year, the company will be laying out its strategy to deal with new challenges including Brexit, sustainability and public health. Mr Felföldi knows from long experience that the rules of the game are always changing and is looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

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